Scholarship Program

Camilla Powers French Scholarship

The Belmont Historical Society established the Camilla Powers French Scholarship in 1985 to be awarded each year to an outstanding graduating senior from Belmont High School. Mrs. French was a long-time member of the Society and a strong advocate for its educational purpose. The amount of the annual scholarship was originally set at $1,000 and has been increased over time to reflect the growing cost of college education. For the past several years, the scholarship value has been $2,400. The recipient of the scholarship is selected each year by the Belmont High School. Occasionally the scholarship for a given year is divided among two students.

Here is the 2022 award winner, Belmont High student Megan Horling, at the Jan 2023 winter gathering:

Belmont High student Megan Horling receives her 2022 scholarship award from Al Ponte and Laurie Carlson.

The following are the students who have received this award:

2022Megan Horling
2014Sarah Kolenbrander
2013Nisa Gurung
2012Sara-Eve Dill
2011Julia Graham
2010Andrea Meyer
2009Hillary John
2008Scott Baker
2007Michael Cohen
2006Dennis Gikas
2005Lawrence Chan
2004Kevin O'Brien
2003Mariel Cabral
2003Charles Synnott
2002Ksenia Mankowska
2001Ihorma Adighibe
2000Daniel Shea
1999Aleksandr Senderovich
1998Amy MacDonald
1998Valerie Christophilos
1997Aline Kurkjian
1997Kelley Mahoney
1996Paul Adler
1995Emilio E. Mauro, Jr.
1994Amy Singler
1993Emily Adler
1992Alexa Zevitas
1991Meridith Elliott
1990Shannon Sullivan
1989Neal MacLean
1988Michael Callanan
1987Elizabeth Looney
1986Michael Cashton

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