Preservation Awards

David R. Johnson Preservation Award

The Belmont Historical Society presents an award (the Belmont Historical Society David R. Johnson Preservation Award, named after a long-time member and officer of the Society) to individuals or organizations that have made a notable contribution to preserving structures or land in the town. Each year the Society invites community members to nominate projects or individuals for this award. The awards are presented at the Belmont Historical Society’s Annual Meeting held in May of each year.

Properties throughout the town, not just in the historic districts, are eligible for nomination. The categories for nomination are:

  • Private residences
  • Commercial properties
  • Publicly-owned properties
  • Properties owned by non-profit institutions
  • Landscape projects
  • Preservation of Open Space & Land Conservation
  • In addition, nominations for individuals, companies or institutions that have made significant contributions to historic preservation in Belmont will also be considered.

We encourage you to look around your neighborhood and our town for projects worthy of such recognition. Click here to download the nomination form for the 2018 awards. Nominations are due by April 20th, 2018 and the awards will be presented at the Society’s annual meeting on May 16th, 2018.

Previous Award Winners


Michael Smith – Recognition for his work preserving the Belmont Police Station, with its pending renovation, along with his years of work on other architectural preservation projects in Belmont.


Athena McInnis – Recognition of her successful efforts to designate her property at 291 Brighton St as the Thaddeus Frost House Historic District.

Lauren Meier – Recognition of the pivotal role she played in creating the Demolition Delay By-Law.

Elizabeth & Graham Allison – Recognition of their efforts to preserve & restore their home at 69   Pinehurst Rd in Belmont.

Steve & Jeanine Reed – Recognition of their efforts to preserve & restore their home at 57 Unity Ave in Belmont.

Joseph Cornish – Recognition of his service on the Belmont Historic Commission, the Belmont Historical Society, and all of his efforts on behalf of the Town of Belmont to preserve our architectural legacy


Roger Webb – Recognition for his efforts in the 1970s that led to the creation of the Wellington Historic District, the preservation of the 19th century Morton House in Arlington slated for demolition in the 1960s by moving it to its present location at 30 School Street, and the preservation of a historic 1840 Greek Revival church building in Connecticut by moving it to Belmont where it was reassembled and now serves as the chapel at the Belmont Hill School.

Nichole and Alan Savenor – Recognition for their restoration and preservation of their historically significant mid-century modern house at 83 Snake Hill Road.

The Belmont Veterans Memorial Committee (chaired by Brig. Gen. (ret.) Kevin Ryan) – Recognition for its restoration of Belmont’s World War I Memorial on Common Street in front of the Lions Club.

Ad Hoc Group chaired by Angelo Firenze – Recognition for its efforts to clean and rehabilitate the historic 1907 stone bridge for the commuter rail line passing through Belmont Center.


Arleyn Levee – Recognition for her service on the Belmont Historic Commission, her efforts to preserve the McLean Hospital land, and her work in the field of landscape preservation.

Viktoria and Jefferson Haase – Recognition of their efforts to preserve the Samuel O. Mead house at 346 Concord Avenue.

Anne and Fred Paulsen – Recognition for their efforts to preserve their home at 90 School Street.


Northland Residential Corporation – Preservation and adaptive reuse of the McLean Hospital Stables, South Cottage, and Upham House.

James N. Levitt – Recognition of his work in chairing the Waverley Trail Advisory Committee and his ongoing efforts to promote the Waverley Trail.


All Saints Church – Preservation of the historic church structure at 69 Common Street.

Peter & Peggy Gunness – Longtime work to preserve the Wellington Cottage and to promote historic preservation in the Town of Belmont. The Gunnesses were also involved in the formation of the first historic district in the town which is today’s Pleasant Street Historic District.

Anne-Marie Lambert – Ongoing work in educating the Belmont community and promoting planning and policies for preservation and environmental quality.


Lydia Phippen Ogilby – Creation of the Richardson Farm Historic District.

Paul & Adam Tocci – Adaptive reuse of 1000 Pleasant Street Automotive Building.

Abderrahim (Abdul) Ouardaoui – Preservation of the Belmont Barber Shop at 470 Trapelo Road.

James Bramante – Preservation of the Studio Cinema at 376 Trapelo Road.


Belmont Woman’s Club – Restoration of the third floor of the 1853 William Flagg Homer House at 661 Pleasant Street.

Habitat Sanctuary – Preservation of Belmont’s historic assets of open land on Belmont Hill.

Thomas K. Blake – Restoration of the 1861 Simon D. Hatch House.

Anne Allen – Preservation of the Atkins-Claflin family greenhouse.

Sandra Curro & Stephen Sala – Restoration of the Underwood greenhouse.

Robert & Susan Kostro – Preservation of the English Cotswold-Style house at 11 Tobey Road.

Steven & Susan Bozkurtian – Restoration of the house at 299 Fitzmaurice Circle.

Judith K.Record Memorial Conservation Fund – Restoration of the Lone Tree Hill stone wall on the former McLean Hospital Land.


The Friends Of The Benton Library – Preservation of the Everett C. Benton Library on the former grounds of the Cushing estate.

The Belmont Land Trust – Preservation of Belmont’s historic assets of open land.

Jeanne & Kevin Krauss – Restoration of English Tudor-Style house at 40 Albert Avenue.

Iris C. Ponte – Preservation of the historic 1845 Henry Frost farmhouse at 307 Pleasant Street.


Belmont Woman’s Club – Donation of a conservation restriction on the historic 1853 William Flagg Homer House at 661 Pleasant Street to the Belmont Land Trust.

Town Of Belmont & Burke Land Company – Preservation of the historic Belmont Center Fire Station.

Desco Associates, Robert Robillard & Addison Van Ness – Preservation of the Cecilia Adams House at 72 Cushing Avenue.


David R. Johnson – Preservation of the historic farmhouse of the Cushing estate at 23 Oak Avenue.

Anne C. Allen – Preservation of land surrounding her home at 580 Concord Avenue.

Belmont Land Trust & Belmont Conservation Commission – Restoration and preservation of the Rock Meadow land.


Town Of Belmont – Adaptive reuse of Fire Department Engine One in Waverley Square.

Lydia Ogilby – Preservation of the historic Richardson farmland as open space.

Sam James – Preservation of the historic Hill house at 388 Pleasant Street.

George M. Packard – Preservation of the house at 26 Tobey Road.


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Scully – Preservation of their house at 30 Somerset Street.

Town Of Belmont – Preservation of the historic Belmont Town Hall and Town Hall Annex.