The Baker Chocolate Company: A Sweet History

Anthony Sammarco, popular local historian and author, returns to the Belmont Historical Society on Sunday, February 17 at 2pm at the Belmont Memorial Library. Mr. Sammarco will detail the delicious saga of Massachusetts’ Baker Chocolate Company.

“In 1765, the story goes, wealthy Dr. James Baker of Dorchester, Massachusetts, stumbled upon a penniless Irish immigrant named John Hannon at the banks of the Neponset River. Hannon possessed the rare skills required to create chocolate—a delicacy exclusive to Europe. Learn how Baker teamed up with Hannon to become America’s first manufacturers of this rich treat, using a mill powered by the same river upon which they met. Hear stories from Hannon’s mysterious disappearance and the famed La Belle Chocolatiere advertising campaign to how cacao bean smuggling was sparked by Revolutionary War blockades…

Mr. Sammarco first came to the Belmont Historical Society in 2017 to talk about his then new book, “Jordan Marsh, Boston’s First Department Store”. Among other things, Jordan Marsh was well known for its famous blueberry muffins and the Enchanted Village (now located at Jordan’s Furniture in Avon) which thousands of children and their parents visited every Christmas season. Mr. Sammarco delighted the large crowd with his presentation.

Please join us to hear the fascinating story of “The Baker Chocolate Company: A Sweet History” … and taste some Baker chocolate goodies, too.

Conversation, and refreshments will follow the presentation.

Admission is free and open to all.

Books will be available for purchase.

If you missed it, it was recorded by the Belmont Media Center.