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“Boston and the Civil War: Hub of the Second Revolution”
Barbara Berenson, author

Barbara Berenson introduces her recent book with the following overview: “Most people know that the American Revolution began in Boston when a group of radical activists protested British governance of the colonies. But many people don’t know that the nation’s Civil War – the war that ended slavery – also began in Boston. Led by agitator and publisher William Lloyd Garrison, a group of radical abolitionists protested against Southern slavery and Northern acquiescence in the South’s ‘peculiar institution’. Guided by the example of Revolutionary-era Patriots who persuasively argued for independence while organizing dramatic protests such as the Boston Tea Party, Boston’s black and white activists organized an unrelenting campaign against slavery and racism. As the antislavery movement grew, Southern slaveholders became more determined than ever to resist any proposals that would limit the spread of slavery. After Northerners elected Abraham Lincoln to the presidency in 1860, eleven Southern states seceded from the Union. When Lincoln went to war to restore the Union, Boston’s abolitionists tirelessly campaigned for expanding the aims of the war to include the permanent elimination of slavery. They led a Second American Revolution intended to force the nation to live up to the promises of liberty and equality contained in the Declaration of Independence.”

To learn more about this important period in Boston’s history, join us on November 22nd. Barbara Berenson is a lawyer (Harvard College and Harvard Law School) and works as a Senior Attorney at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. She has also written the guidebook Walking Tours of Civil War Boston: Hub of Abolitionism

Sunday, November 22 @ 2-4:00 pm
Location:  Assembly Room, Belmont Memorial Library
Refreshments will be served

“Holiday Music” with Vanessa Schukis of the Powers Music School, plus Semi-Annual Award of Belmont Historic House Plaques

Sunday, December 6, 2015 @ 2-4:00 pm
Location: Assembly Room, Belmont Memorial Library

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